Employee Benefits & Compensation
Right-sizing your benefits & compensation package

"The power that incentives and disincentives have on the actions of others cannot be overstated... so many people don't understand how important incentives are for shaping people's mind"

The total compensation package is about attracting the right people & incentivizing proper performance. We focus on compensation & benefits not only as dollar and cents, but how these incentives can help build high trust cultures where employees have mutual respect with managers & co-workers. Because that's what truly retains people and brings out performance... the desire to serve co-workers & friends, teammates, the community, and the company.

Professional Employer Organization
We can help take all the administrative clerical duties off your calendar

"You cannot make it as a wandering generality, You must become a meaningful specific."

You started your business to do something, help people, sell a product, or provide a service... not to calculate payroll, keep track of your various taxpayer ID numbers, and worry about health insurance & employee benefits! But as businesses grow, it's a fact of life. We can help you through co-employment as your PEO (professional employer organization).

Financial Planning & Employee Advisory Services
The well being of your people is the well being of your organization

The social contract is, “work for us, and you’ll be taken care of, and you’ll be able to live a solid life and retire.”"

People want to know, "will I be Ok?" We can provide financial advisory & well being consulting to your people so they know they'll be OK.