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AblePay:Lower your Copay & Deductible!

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AblePay reduces your medical costs by purchasing your medical expenses you owe to hospitals / healthcare providers, in exchange for a discount. AblePay pays your medical costs to the hospital right away, in exchange for a discount, which they share with you! If you don’t pay the medical bill, AblePay owns your the debt liability…not the healthcare provider. The healthcare provider doesn't have to worry about getting paid! That’s how AblePay can pass along a discount to you!

From the AblePay website:

AblePay is a unique and innovative program that addresses what many of us are dealing with; how to diffuse the rising costs of deductibles and coinsurance. AblePay is a healthcare consumer company that assists our members by providing discounts, flexible and convenient payment options, and the necessary support if you ever have a question or an issue. The goal is to make navigating the healthcare system as painless as possible.

By assisting our provider partners in reducing expenses and receivable times, we have negotiated a discounted rate in exchange for guaranteed payment immediately after the insurance process is completed. This allows us to pass a portion of these savings, up to 13%, along to our members.